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Idle no more: City of Ottawa increasing fines to 'Freedom Convoy' protesters for idling, noise

CTV News: 'The City of Ottawa has asked the Chief Justice of Ontario to increase the value of fines being issued to protesters with the "Freedom Convoy" demonstration that has [demonstrate peacefully in] the downtown core for 11 days and counting.

'In opening remarks to a special meeting of city council, Mayor Jim Watson said the penalties for some of the demonstration's tactics would be increased. Watson said the fine for idling would increase to $1,000 from $100, the fine for violating the noise bylaw would increase to $1,000 from $490 and the fine for encumbering a roadway would be increased to $1,000 from $350.'

Watson is cut from the same cloth as Trudeau: another petty elitist, out of touch with Canadians and the working classes, desperate to run roughshod over civil liberties.

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