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Identity politik ouroboros: Native rapper says Qc festival cut him because his show wasn't French

State Media: 'Samuel Tremblay, better known by his stage name Samian, says he was shocked when a discussion with an organizer from a prominent Quebec song festival turned to how much of his proposed August show would be in French.

'The Anishinabeg rapper and actor is a member of the Abitibiwinni First Nation in Pikogan, Que. He performs in French and Anishinaabemowin — one of many Algonquin dialects spoken in First Nations in Quebec, Ontario and other parts of Canada and the U.S.'

I wonder if Samuel is opposed to just this specific quota that negatively affects him or all quotas; whether simultaneously he's happy to take advantage of government subsidies & support for Indigenous artists, but opposed to carve-outs for other so-called minority groups.

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