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Identitarian zealots: Legacy media obsess over skin color at Conservative rallies

TNC: Candice Malcolm: 'Rather than critiquing conservatives on substance, lazy journalists would much rather simply hurl insults because apparently having “white people” at your rally is a bad thing.

'One substantive critique of Poilievre did come from the CBC – where “experts say” that contrary to Poilievre’s critique of government borrowing and printing of money, the real cause of inflation has little to do with government.“

'Government spending is one of many factors pushing prices up — but it’s a relatively modest one,” said one left-wing economist defending Trudeau. “It really doesn’t matter what Canada’s government spends,” said another. You can’t make this stuff up.

'Another CBC article goes even further in defending the Trudeau government, telling us that the “pick-up truck tax doesn’t exist” – this despite the tax being listed in a government report released by Trudeau’s Environment Minister.

Don't let the commercials on TV fool you. 72.9% of Canadians are of European ancestry. 3.5% are black. 4.6% are Chinese. 5.6% are South Asian. 2.3% are Filipino. 1.3% are Latin American. 4.9% are North American Indian. The rest don't even break 1%. This to say: even if you play the identity politics game, non-whites are vastly over-represented at Conservative rallies. Why? Because we don't piss about caring about the genitals between your legs or the color of your skin. We care about getting government out of your way and improving our nation.

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