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How to resist China Virus jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide

The GUIDE via Life Site News

Excerpt via Life Site:

"Because of COVID vaccination mandates, numerous Canadians have become very concerned about losing freedoms, careers, jobs, education and more. Readers have been asking what they can practically do or who they can turn to for help on this disturbing situation.

"In response, LifeSite has compiled information and links to organizations and legal resources to help Canadians resist vaccine mandates with a full understanding of their options.

It should also be noted that the Canadian situation is not the same as the American; we operate under different legal frameworks, thus it is important to utilize resources specific to your locale. Canadian provinces act differently than American states, and the different countries have different levels of application of authority from a federal level.

"In some cases, unions are helping employees assert their rights, which is great, and if you have this option, then that is something to consider. In other cases, there is no express legal protection offered by a professional association, therefore a different approach is necessary.

It should provide Canadians with hope, however, that the question of mandated vaccination has come up before in various institutions, and Canadians have happily been validated in their rights. The COVID situation is unprecedented and of a massive scale, however the Law is still the Law. Know your rights and assert them boldly.

"We are not advocating for any particular legal position but are instead offering a comprehensive resource of information that should prove to be helpful.

Asserting Constitutional rights

"It is the opinion of some constitutional experts that the vaccination mandates being proposed are technically illegal, and therefore cannot be imposed. While an employer may make things difficult, or seek to intimidate, they do not have the power to force you to be vaccinated. If they terminate your employment due to your resistance to a vaccination mandate, it is the opinion of various constitutional lawyers that this would constitute “wrongful dismissal.”

If an employee decides not to disclose their information, they are not in the wrong. If you did not sign a contract that stipulated the necessity to share your personal medical information, then you cannot be punished for it; the employer must honor the contract as much as you. Legal experts have advised the public to not ask for exemptions, but to instead abstain from disclosing their vaccine status.

"There is a breadth of legal precedent surrounding vaccination mandates for employees and students, and you have rights.

Constitutional Rights Centre Inc.

"It is the opinion of the CRC, that mandated vaccines in the workplace are illegal, and do not have to be honoured. Lawyer Rocco Galati explains in detail in this video .

"In addition, the CRC is working in conjunction with Action4Canada and other plaintiffs in a comprehensive challenge to COVID Measures in British Columbia.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

"The JCCF has put together a useful booklet that can be shared with employers to explain the reality of mandatory vaccination stipulations under Canadian law. It is possible that an employer is willing to be educated on the legal reality, if anything, for their own liability.


"Action4Canada, which is working with Rocco Galati, has produced an Employee Vaccine Notice of Liability that can be served to your employer if they mandate a vaccine.

"The intent of the Liability Notice is to inform employers that they are acting illegally and would thus be held accountable for any financial harm done to a person if he was dismissed from employment for resisting coercion to take a vaccine.

"The organization gives the following instructions on how to use the document:

  • Print the Notice of Liability (link in blue above)

  • Fill in the name of the person you are sending it to, owner and/or management (one notice per person), at the top and then fill in your name and your signature at the bottom (you do not need to get your employer to sign it).

  • Keep a photocopy of the Notice for your records

  • Then either personally give the signed copy to your employer/owner/manager in person or you can send it by mail.

  • It is recommended that you video-record the exchange when done in person and use registered mail if sending by post so that you have proof of them having received it.

"Liberty Coalition Canada’s resources also provide information on how to assert constitutional rights, along with the aspect of religious belief.

Letter to Employers Requiring Vaccination as a Pre-Condition for Employment

"There is a letter that has circulated throughout liberty-minded groups who have fought COVID tyranny. It is based on similar principles to the Liability Notice from Action4Canada, and forces the company mandating a vaccine to take responsibility.

"It is the opinion of the authors of the letter that having a detailed correspondence set in legal terms with an employer will help an employee to make a legal case if dismissed wrongfully. Some employers are committed to the vaccine ideology, whereas some are not. This letter may provide the employer with sufficient information for them to decide to exempt you from any vaccine mandates.

Rise Up Durham

"Rise Up Durham is an anti-lockdown group from the Oshawa area. They have consistently advocated for the rights of Canadians throughout the pandemic. They have shared a resource that is like the Liability Notice and the Letter to Employers. It is attested that this method is effective, and that by putting forth the following questions, the employee is NOT refusing the mandate, but instead putting the onus on the employer to submit themselves to a level of liability that they cannot.

"Send the following via official correspondence, directing it to the administration and HR department:

"I write with regard to the matter of covid vaccine mandates and my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead. I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements:

1. Can you please advise me of the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental? 2. Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests? 3. Can you please advise of the full list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body? 4. Can you please fully advise of all the adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since its introduction? 5. Can you please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT ‘experimental mRNA gene altering therapy’? 6. Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code? 7. Can you please advise me of the likely risk of fatality, should I be unfortunate to contract Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery?

"Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment, but with certain conditions – namely that:

1. You confirm that I will suffer no harm. 2. Following acceptance of this, the offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself, and/or from any interactions by authorized personnel regarding these procedures. 3. In the event that I should have to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result.

I would also advise that my inalienable rights are reserved."

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