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How the Liberals and NDP pushed the arson hoax about the Freedom Convoy

TNC: 'On Thursday, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) issued a statement on a second man arrested for a Feb. 6 arson attempt on a downtown apartment building, revealing that 41-year-old Bartosz Wernick had nothing to do with the Freedom Convoy protests happening at the time.

'Only two weeks ago, authorities said the same of Wernick’s alleged accomplice, 21-year-old Connor Russell McDonald. “There is no information indicating MCDONALD was involved in any way with the Convoy protest which was going on when this arson took place,” wrote the OPS on Mar. 21.

'Despite the now undeniable absolution of the Freedom Convoy of an alleged attempt to burn down a building full of entrapped residents, the governing Ottawa establishment seems to have been replaced with crickets.'

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.

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