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Half of Canadians are within $200 of insolvency: Survey

TNC: 'As the cost of living becomes more expensive, half of Canadians indicate that they are only $200 away from being unable to pay their bills.

'According to an Ipsos survey conducted for the professional service firm MNP, 49% of Canadians surveyed are within $200 of insolvency. Further, 31% of respondents said they are unable to cover their bills because they don’t earn enough income.

'Two thousand Canadian adults were surveyed by Ipsos from March 9-15 – a week prior to the Bank of Canada’s (BOC) decision to raise its central rate for the first time since 2018.'

Thanks to the muppets in Ottawa, this country is going down the tubes. Best hope that someone like Pierre Poilievre takes the reins and soon.

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