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Hacks accuse Poilievre of racism for using innocuous & accurate term "Anglo-Saxon"

CTV News: 'Some are calling attention to a comment Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre made while appearing as a guest on controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson’s podcast in an episode posted on Tuesday.

'"I'm a believer in using simple Anglo-Saxon words that strike right at the the meaning that I'm trying to convey,” Poilievre said in the interview. “And so I say things that people say, ‘Yeah, that actually makes sense.’”

'Some have pointed out that the term has been used by those on the far-right to differentiate white people from immigrants and people of colour. "It's a way to basically set apart those who are white in Canada, who are white Anglo-Saxon, from everyone else and certainly [from] the racialized segment of society,” Fareed Khan, the founder of Canadians United Against Hate, told CTV News.'

There are three types of people that would get offended by this and make it a big deal: political hacks (both in the CPC and in the LPC) who are afraid of Poilievre's high chances of success; useful idiots in the media who listened to the podcast up until that moment they thought they'd found something clickbait worthy; and the ideologically possessed who get angry about everything. All three types can get stuffed.

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