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GUNTER: The Freedom Convoy response exposed Liberals as frightened snobs

Toronto Sun: 'Both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland had insisted the convoy was funded by large, foreign organizations who meant to undermine our institutions. Again, no evidence has emerged.

'So with their initial arguments crumbling day by day, Mendicino doubled down with the outrageous claim that there were so many potential rapists in the truckers’ midst that the government had no choice but to impose the Emergencies Act.

'Keep in mind that large-city Canadian police forces, such as Ottawa’s, deal with sexual assault reports every day, so that even a concentration of assaults in a single neighbourhood would not justify extraordinary government powers.

'But just imagine how prejudiced against ordinary working Canadians the Liberal elites must be – how much in their minds they hate and fear working class people – that they think they can just smear truckers as rapists and the allegation will be accepted, without question, as a justification for the nearest thing this country has to martial law....'

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