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Guaranteed tomfoolery: Elections Ontario to allow mail-in voting extra to 10 days of advanced voting

State Media: 'Elections Ontario is encouraging residents to request mail-in ballots or take advantage of extra days of advanced voting this year with the intention of thinning polling station crowds on the province's first — and hopefully only — provincial election day amid COVID-19.

'Political parties are currently making pandemic campaign plans and contingency arrangements as the official campaign start nears, but the body that administers Ontario's elections has had a possible pandemic election in its sights for a long time.

'Chief electoral officer Greg Essensa wrote to the chief medical officer of health in the summer of 2020 asking for a task force, and the two offices have been meeting regularly since then, he said. Elections Ontario is taking the advice of the top doctor as well as looking at how other jurisdictions have run elections over the past two years.'

Stolen elections: coming to a riding near you.

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