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Grade 1 students at an Ontario school were told 'there’s no such thing as boys and girls'

National Post: 'In her closing statement Bildy, the Buffones’ lawyer said, “If everyone has a gender identity, and gender identities are protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code, then NB’s gender identity as a girl should also be protected. Being told that there is no such thing as a girl, which is NB’s comprehensive gender identity, is as discriminatory to her as to anyone else.” For Bildy, the case transcends one child’s experience; it is about “putting up some reasonable guardrails, at the school board level, to rein in the excesses of gender ideology.”

'The board’s lawyer does not dispute NB’s discomfort, but considers it irrelevant to any legal claim for discrimination, since “the Code’s protections are intended to assist and protect the historically disadvantaged individuals who are trans or gender-nonconforming and not the majority advantaged group,” represented by NB.

'So, sex-based rights protect all girls and women, whether they conform to stereotype or not. But gender rights only protect girls and women who don’t conform to stereotype. “And some people are people” who, the Ottawa-Carleton School Board therefore contends, are more equal than others.'

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