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Government training employees to erase “racism in their minds”

TNC: 'The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) said in an “anti-racist” course for government employees that “colorblindness” or treating other ethnicities equally “is no longer acceptable,” and public service workers had to “undo racism in (their) minds.” “We need to work to eradicate racism everywhere by developing our self-awareness, self-reflecting, and challenging our unconscious biases,” wrote the CSPS. “We need to strive to undo racism in our minds, in our personal environments and in the world. We need to work towards equality for all. Silence is no longer an option, colorblindness strategy is no longer acceptable and we need to take action to enact change.” The course was titled “Taking Action to Build an Anti-Racist Canadian Public Service.”'

A bunch of maladjusted, ideologically possessed bigots have been conferred the power by corrupt academic institutions and the state to castigate normal Canadians, and accuse them not just of collective guilt, but of various forms of prejudice. This serves only to grow the grievance industry, to justify HR departments' fat budgets, and to give leftists an excuse to peddle more of their divisive bullshit in schools and on campuses, and to take coercive actions by way of legislation.

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