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Global News: growing libertarian rejection of Canada's growing statism "troubling"

Global News: David Moscrop, a mental midget contributing to Global News, wrote: "Far-right. Fringe. Toxic. The party won five per cent of the vote share in the 44th general election with more than 820,000 ballots cast for it. It won no seats but grew its support."

Perhaps, David, if soft-totalitarians weren't imposing their radical views on the public, if statists weren't running roughshod over Canadian liberties, if Quebec corporatists weren't getting rich while helping destroy the Western provinces, and if the Laurentian elite weren't so keen on Canada's ruination, there wouldn't be growing support for a party (i.e. twice the support of the Green Party). Perhaps, David, if the aforementioned leftists hadn't kept the ethnically diverse and socially libertarian PPC off of the debate stage, Canadians wouldn't be so keen to seek them out on their own.

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