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Glavin: The Liberals are funding hate.

National Post: 'Homosexuality is filthy, and homosexual acts warrant the death penalty. Christian Arabs who protect Jews from murderers are traitors. A man should be permitted to beat his wife.

'These are among the obscene ideas promoted by several of the individuals who will be featured speakers at a national three-day conference beginning on Canada Day in Toronto, hosted by an organization that the Trudeau government has provided with more than $3 million in federal “anti-hate,” youth engagement and security funding over the past three years.

'Muslim human rights activists and Jewish advocacy organizations say they’re appalled that the Trudeau government continues to fund the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), which has taken a turn in recent years to an unambiguously reactionary and heavily politicized version of Islam embraced by only a small minority of Canada’s Muslims. The MAC leadership, however, says it’s the MAC that’s entitled to be appalled. The association insists that it is being unfairly singled out by the Canada Revenue Agency, for instance, alleging a systemic Islamophobic bias in the bureaucracy. The CRA has been conducting an ongoing audit of the organization since 2015. Even so, federal funding keeps pouring in....'

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