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Giesbrecht: Trudeau has irreparably damaged our country

Toronto Sun: 'Asked why he supported some protests but was determined to crush the trucker convoy, Justin Trudeau answered without hesitation: He supported — and even participated in — protests he agreed with, but he did not support — and vowed to crush — those with “unacceptable views,” that is, views he disagrees with.

'We are now seeing how far his NDP-backed Liberal government is prepared to go to economically disenfranchise those who hold “unacceptable views.” A convoy organizer was jailed and led into court in shackles. Bank accounts were frozen, businesses were destroyed, and many working Canadians will find it impossible to earn a living in their own country.

'For Canadians who don’t want to find themselves subject to frozen bank accounts, having their property seized and auctioned off, or cancelled for holding “unacceptable views,” let’s spell out what views are “acceptable” and which are “unacceptable.” ...'

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