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George Brown College requires students, faculty to agree they’ve benefited from white privilege

TCF: 'A Canadian college is under fire after social media users discovered the school required students and faculty joining a Zoom call to agree they have benefited from white privilege and vow to engage in acts of “decolonization.” George Brown College, a public school with multiple campuses in Toronto, allegedly required participants to read a lengthy statement acknowledging Indigenous land ownership and the evils of slavery before clicking a box marked “I Agree” to join a video conference.

'A representative for George Brown College did not respond to multiple requests by The College Fix for comment. The students and faculty who click the “I Agree” box are acknowledging they “benefit from the colonization and genocide of the Indigenous peoples of this land” and are agreeing it is “imperative we constantly engage in acts of awareness and decolonization.”'

Wouldn't non-white faculty and students be de-facto beneficiaries of 'white privilege' granted the university is a European invention, for starters.

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