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Genocide Olympics Update | February 18

It's still taking place no more than a mile away from detention centers where Christians, Falun Gong, Muslims, pro-democracy dissidents, and other minorities are routinely tortured by the Communist Chinese Party's obedient butchers.

The Winter Olympics are still taking place in a country where millions of Uyghurs are in concentration camps; where Nepalese and Tibetans are brutally persecuted; where multiple ethnocides are underway, not the least of which is the targeting of Cantonese; where forced labor makes Western electronics; where Apple avoids paying over $76 Billion in U.S. taxes (see: Longhua scheme); and where the CCP Virus was manufactured in a P4 lab.

Who won gold? The CCP, which relies upon forced labor to mine it in Africa.

Who won silver? The Free World--30 pieces--for ignoring the CCP's savaging of innocents...

Who lost? Anyone who prioritized games over their consciences.

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