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'Full hog': Edmonton could become first Canadian city with permanent wild pigs if city is unprepared

Calgary Herald: 'Edmonton could be the first city in Canada where invasive and destructive feral pigs become a permanent fixture if the creatures are allowed to go hog wild and the city is unprepared, an expert warns.

'Wild pigs are spreading out of control across the prairies, many living in central Alberta, and could become embedded in Edmonton’s river valley without intervention, according to University of Saskatchewan professor Ryan Brook, who has been researching the animals for more than a decade. No pigs have been spotted in Edmonton yet — although there was a sighting east of the city in Ardrossan last week, and they’ve appeared just southeast and west of city limits in recent years, Brook’s research has found. A group, called a sounder, was also found in Elk Island National Park in 2021.'

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