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From 2-weeks-to-curb-the-spread to fascism: TD Bank freezes Saskatchewan farmer’s accounts...

Western Standard: A central Saskatchewan farmer had his bank accounts frozen by Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank after he donated $500 to the Freedom Convoy....

'...After the Freedom Convoy’s original crowd funding site, GoFundMe, was shut down Feb. 4, he donated to GiveSendGo. The second crowdfunding site was hacked and private donors doxxed.

'Days later, he discovered his personal and business accounts were frozen after he tried to send two wires on the same day, one for equipment and one for property....

'...He said he hasn’t told very many people what happened to him because he doesn’t know who his friends are anymore in this “cut and divide world.”

'“I can’t believe people are so so naïve and are unable to see the truth…what’s going on with (this) communist agenda.”'

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