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Freedom Convoy 'will continue to gain ground' as long as gov't ignores 'average people's basic needs

Jacobin [Leftist mag]: 'While those in white-collar employment are able to work from home, inadequate income supports are leaving some low-wage workers with no choice but to go to work even when sick. As no less than an MP from Trudeau’s own party pointed out this week, public health directives remain confusing, and it’s unclear what, if any, benchmarks the federal government has set for the phasing out of the various restrictions currently disrupting daily life...'

Although the author of this piece has bought into the super-majority of the Canadian mainstream media's lies about the Trucker Convoy, and fails to recognize fellow-travelers among populists on the right, they at the very least manage to recognize that this is a class issue.

White collar workers and Ottawan bureaucrats haven't been anywhere near as much as those who have to work on-site; those who work in salons, in factories, driving trucks, making our meals, heating our homes, etc. The refusal of the Trudeau regime to engage with the Freedom Convoy and the protesters on the Hill demonstrates not only the Liberals' partisan hackery, but their class isolation. (Jagmeet Singh and his NDP are no better. The biggest surprise was the CPC's recognition that they can make the pivot the GOP did in the US: the become the party of the working-class.)

The detached cosmopolitan elites in our nation's capital can't empathize with working or middle-class Canadians, because they are a world apart--and the former have engineered the divide between themm.

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