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Former Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly says he didn't ask Liberals for Emergencies Act

National Post: '“I did not make that request, I’m not aware of anybody else in the Ottawa Police Service who did.”

'Sloly is the third police official to say they did not ask directly for the invocation of the act, including Ottawa’s current chief Steve Bell and RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki. Sloly lead the Ottawa Police during most of the convoy protest, but resigned shortly after the Emergencies Act was brought in.

'When they invoked the act, granting police extraordinary powers, Liberal cabinet ministers said they had consulted with police who told them they needed the unprecedented authorities to bring an end to occupations in Ottawa, as well as at several border crossings.

'Sloly testified in front of a House of Commons committee that is studying the potential of expanding the parliamentary precinct to include some of the streets south of Parliament Hill after the Freedom Convoy protesters took over some of those same streets.'

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