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Former Ottawa board chair says she was ousted for not backing a peaceful resolution to protests

Toronto Sun: 'Ousted police services board chair Diane Deans says Mayor Jim Watson orchestrated her removal because she refused to endorse his decision to negotiate with leaders of the [peaceful protests downtown Ottawa].

'“It started with the mayor’s chief of staff (Serge Arpin) making it abundantly clear to me I was to get on board with the mayor saying he was going to negotiate with the occupiers of our city,” Deans said. “I said, ‘Serge, I can’t do that. I don’t believe he should be negotiating with the people occupying our city, I don’t believe that’s what you do.’”'

Sounds like Diane would have preferred police just have crushed the peaceful protest. Rather than engage in open discussion with the protesters, she would have preferred their voices silenced. It doesn't matter if they were fellow Canadians in their capital city--a city they have long subsidized with their federal tax dollars. They don't deserve a voice. Well, ironically, it looks as though Diane doesn't deserve a seat on the city council.

In the words of a great cable news guest: womp, womp.

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