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For the Great Reset to succeed, the elite need World War III

American Greatness: Another catastrophic world war might be just the thing to usher in a one-world socialist 'utopia'.

'Are you ready for a social credit system? Well, it’s coming under the Great Reset. Oh, and want to get rid of those very pesky “deplorables” who may yet elect another populist who’d once again threaten the elite’s hold on power? Enter the elite’s preferred leader, Joe Biden, who is happily risking a nuclear world war with Russia over Ukraine—which should cull the herd down to a more manageable size. After all, a population so devastated by world war, and gripped by the paralyzing fear that would ensue in the wake of that, will be desperate enough to turn to these Great Reset elites without any further pushback!

'World War III just might be what Biden and the other elites need to finally get their one-world socialist utopia. It will be built upon a foundation of lies and blood, but it’s the only way our elites can truly be sure that their great agenda for humanity will be fulfilled—while minimizing the resistance of ordinary people like us.'

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