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Flashback: Trudeau Liberals vote to block testimony from Jody Wilson-Raybould

The Province: 'But there’s just one problem: Trudeau’s Liberal MPs wield a majority on the committee, and they banded together to vote down an Opposition motion to recall Wilson-Raybould as a witness.

'Now ask yourself a very simple question: Why?

'If it’s true that Trudeau and his key lieutenants did nothing wrong in this affair, why would they vote against hearing from the principal witness?

'Why are they acting like they have something to hide?

'It’s a question that hangs heavily after Butts and Wernick were less than convincing on the witness stand.

'Butts’s explanation that Wilson-Raybould was dropped as attorney general because another cabinet minister, Scott Brison, resigned sounds more ridiculous every time the Liberals trot it out.'

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