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Flashback to some nuggets re: the Hunter Biden Laptop from May 2021

  • “I have multiple photos of Hunter Biden weighing crack cocaine. I have multiple photos of him smoking crack cocaine; multiple videos of him using crack cocaine; and examples of the head of the Department of Homeland Security and the leader of the Branch SS show up to rescue Hunter in [March] 2018 when he was not deserving of secret service protection—even his father wasn’t then deserving of Secret Service protection…[T]hey go to rescue Hunter in a hotel room with hookers and crack! Keep in mind: his father wrote a bill in 1989 that put hundreds of thousands of black men in jail for the crime of having five grams of crack cocaine, which he made equivalent, under the statute, to one-half kilo of powdered cocaine. So if you’re a white guy with your Porsche and your eight-ball, you’re doing community service. You turn that eight-ball into crack, and you’re going to jail for ten years. Federal prison. But not for Hunter Biden…By the way, the head agent who saved [Hunter Biden from the hotel room] retires four days later and is given ~$600,000-a-year job as the advisor to Airport Security at LAX.”

  • “Hunter Biden was still getting $39,000 a month from Burisma all the way up until when he lost his laptop. Remember how we heard about how ‘Hunter hasn’t been involved in that for a long time’? Nonsense. [On the laptop there are] receipts from Burisma all the way through March of 2019. There’s no notation indicating, ‘Here, this is the last one.’ In fact, the documents are actually generated by Hunter’s office.”

  • “Hunter tells [his therapist] about when he used to smoke crack with Marion Barry back when he was in college. FBI didn’t find it worthwhile to knock-in his door.

  • “Hunter is accused of abusing his 12-year-old niece. All in writing. His father knows about it. Dr. Jill Biden knows about it. His sister Ashley knows about it. His sister-in-law Hallie who accused him knows about it. Hallie’s sister knows about it. [Based on the correspondence it’s clear] everybody knows about it. And yet, the desire for the presidency was obviously more important to all these people than ultimately protecting a child. That’s everything that you need to know: that a man won’t protect his own twelve-year-old granddaughter—don’t you ever turn your back on that guy.”

  • “One of the things [a big-name fixer for Hunter et co] tried to run—and they were all involved—was a business called Ocho Rios Gaming. Ocho Rios Gaming—I’m not sure if it ever came into being and I haven’t taken the time to see if it ever went live—was an attempt to bring online gambling to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Argentina. This required high-level negotiations with—and there’s correspondence showing they had these meetings—the head of the Treasury of Argentina and the Vice President, etc., all across the board…[And other prominent political dynasties were similarly in on the action.] When it came to the Ocho Rios Gaming, apparently Joe Biden lobbied on behalf of Hunter in these Latin American countries and brought in a prominent senator as ‘Mr. Gambling’ to convince them that this was all on the up-and-up.”

  • There is an instance where Biden lashes out in a flurry of texts, defending himself against allegations no one seems to have made, and repeatedly mentions dead girls in Ukraine.

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