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Flashback: In Canada, two of Justin Trudeau’s ministers resigned. Let’s catch up on this scandal.

Washington Post: 'Wilson-Raybould says Trudeau and 10 high-ranking government officials — including Principal Secretary Gerry Butts, Chief of Staff Katie Telford, Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and the country’s highest-ranking civil servant, Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick — pressured her last fall to take into account the partisan ramifications of her decision. Legal experts argue this runs clearly against Canada’s “constitutional convention” that the attorney general has an independent role.

'Testifying before the House of Commons justice committee on Feb. 27, Wilson-Raybould said she had a meeting with Trudeau and Wernick: “[Wernick] said, ‘They will likely be moving [their offices from Montreal] to London if [you do not halt the prosecution], and there is an election in Quebec soon.’ At that point, the prime minister jumped in, stressing that there is an election in Quebec and that ‘I am an MP in Quebec — the member for Papineau.’ ”

'She reported on another meeting, where Butts and Telford told Wilson-Raybould’s chief of staff that “there is no solution here that does not involve some interference” and that they “don’t want to debate legalities any more.” Wilson-Raybould would not budge, and on Jan. 14 Trudeau fired her as minister of justice and attorney general and demoted her to minister for veterans affairs.'

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