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Federal Liberals' 'just transition' to low-carbon economy exposed as useless sham

National Post: 'Coal miners in Alberta and Saskatchewan have faced transition for several years now. But the feds have done nothing to help them, and have no working plan to start despite many promises.

'That’s the conclusion of the federal auditor general, who finds that bureaucrats sat on their fat portfolios even as coal workers were losing their jobs.

'Coal mining is itself the canary down a dangerous mine shaft.

'There are only about 331 coal miners left in Alberta, down from more than 1,100 in 2017.

'If Ottawa can’t manage transition for that group, how will it deal with the thousands who are expected to leave oil and gas, as well as agriculture and even forestry, because of federal emissions policy?

'Maybe Alberta will look like Newfoundland and Labrador after the federal shutdown of the cod fishery in 1992-93.'

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