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Federal court ruling ends tyrannical hereditary rule in northern Saugeen Indian Nation

State Media: 'A self-appointed "chief for life," who named his wife as successor upon his death to keep the leadership of a small First Nation in northern Ontario within his family, has been ousted following a Federal Court ruling delivered Thursday.

'The ruling comes amid a years-long struggle between hereditary chief Edward Machimity, his family and community members of the Ojibway Nation of Saugeen who were stymied at every turn to challenge decades of hereditary rule and establish an election code...

'...Machimity and his immediate family controlled band services in the First Nation, which has an on-reserve population of about 84 people, and about 242 total members. They decide who gets a new house or renovations, who gets post-secondary education funding or who gets use of the medical van for appointments.

'He also named his son-in-law as chief of the community's two-person police force.'

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