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Feckless State Media employees earned $30 million in CCP Virus bonuses during pandemic

TNC: 'The CBC paid $30 million in Covid bonuses to over 1000 employees amounting to roughly $15,000 each in 2020 and 2021, even though the state broadcaster reported draining ad revenue and a lack of funding from the government at the time.

'Figures showed a total of $15,013,838 paid to 1034 employees in 2020, resulting in $14,520 each and a total of $15,398,101 to 1033 employees in 2021, at the sum of $14,906 for each employee. Access To Information records obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter detailed payments to bonuses to unidentified executives at the CBC.'

What do you get for peddling statist propaganda and Big Pharma-crafted misinformation? Paid. You get paid.

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