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Feckless & kakistocratic Ontario Liberals say they will ban all handguns if elected

TNC: 'Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca has said that if he is elected premier of Ontario in the upcoming election, he will move to ban law-abiding Canadians from possessing handguns in the province.

'According to Del Duca, the ban would be a top priority for the Liberals if they won power. He vowed to put it in place within a year of being in government.

'“I’ve had it with Doug Ford’s open for business policy for guns,” said Del Duca on Tuesday. “The Ford Conservatives are putting the interests of the gun lobby ahead of the Ontario victims of gun crime they swore an oath to protect. The result is handgun violence is spiraling out of control.”'

There's a reason besides Wynne's brutal mismanagement of the province and the pedophiles in the party's ranks that the Ontario Liberals lost status: total and utter incompetence and detachment from those they govern. Legal handguns are not a problem in the province. Illegal handguns brought by Toronto and Mississauga gangs from Indian reserves and the US are a problem. Guess what: they're already illegal. If the Ontario Liberals wanted to actually do something impactful, maybe bar Blackrock from buying up half the real estate in the GTA...

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