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Fake national emergency makes Canada a banana republic

JCCF: 'In what is supposed to be a free and democratic society that adheres to the rule of law, innocent Canadian citizens were suddenly stripped of their ability to buy groceries and medicine, pay their mortgage and heating bills, and receive paycheques into their accounts. Their car insurance and home insurance policies were canceled, along with their credit and debit cards. Mr. Trudeau created a stress-filled living hell for these people.

'The freezing of bank accounts is a gross abuse of government power, used to punish those who supported a peaceful protest which called for the return of Charter rights and freedoms taken away from Canadians by their politicians nearly two years ago. Subjecting peaceful protesters to being trampled by police horses and struck by police truncheons is another way to punish dissent.

'When indigenous peoples and environmentalists shut down Canadian rail lines in 2020, preventing ships on both coasts from unloading their cargo, depriving Quebec of needed propane, and causing layoffs across Canada, the Emergencies Act was not considered. Similarly, when “protesters” in 2020 and 2021 wantonly engaged in crimes of arson and vandalism, including the destruction of historical monuments, the Emergencies Act was not used. Why was it invoked for the truckers’ peaceful protest?

'Banana republics do not respect the rule of law. Their rulers use state power to punish opponents, reward friends, and further corrupt agendas.'

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