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Experts warn that Canadian weapons shipped to Ukrainian neo-nazis 'might end up in the wrong hands'

State Media: 'The risk of Canadian weapons shipments being lost, stolen or otherwise misused is growing as the war in Ukraine enters a chaotic and uncertain new phase.

'And with shipments of Canadian weapons still due to arrive in Ukraine, some are warning that parts of those shipments could end up on the black market or be turned against the Ukrainian people by the Russian military or local paramilitary groups.

'"There is the real threat that the Ukrainian government can potentially not control all of these weapons," said Kelsey Gallagher, a researcher with Project Ploughshares, a Canadian non-government disarmament group.

'"They could end up anywhere."'

Curiously the CBC and these 'experts' don't mind the neonazis in the Azov Battalion acquiring weapons or other white-supremacist neo-fascists associated with the Zelensky puppet government. If those persons--the same types of people the Canadian left have bandied about as a bogeyman for years--are not worth worrying about, then who are we to assume might pose a greater threat?

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