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Everyone who donated to the truckers through GoFundMe - CALL YOUR CARD AND EXECUTE A CHARGEBACK!

Great advice from one of our American friends on

"If a merchant gets too many chargebacks, typically 1% of transaction count or transaction volume, it will jeopardize their ability to maintain the payment facilitator account. It also will result in them getting slammed with a higher reserve balance and potentially fines from card networks.

"Many of the major banks give you the ability to execute chargebacks directly through their website where no phone call is even necessary. It does not matter if you used a credit or debit card - a chargeback method is always available.

"If the bank asks you why you are executing the chargeback, say you did not receive the product you paid for (a donation to the non profit of your choice) and that any attempt to get a refund from them isn't working/you don't understand how to do it!"

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