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Even the Toronto Star fears Pierre Poilievre's momentum...

Toronto Star: 'If you are not a Conservative supporter and are nevertheless cheering on Ontario MP Pierre Poilievre in his leadership bid because you believe the party will either implode or at least never make it to government on his watch, you may want to have a chat with Paul Martin’s former palace guard.

'Over Martin’s abbreviated tenure as leader and prime minister, the notion that Stephen Harper’s presence at the helm of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) was a prescription for repeat Conservative defeats was widespread within Liberal ranks.

'After all, Harper hailed from the Reform side of the conservative movement — a faction that had over its existence failed to find much traction among progressive centre-right voters east of Manitoba.

'Many observers believed he would not sell well in Ontario.

'His track record on Quebec made him ill-suited to attract votes in Canada’s second-largest province.'

TL;DR: Pierre is going to kick ass and take names.

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