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Enviromarxist Guilbeault celebrates fact that disastrous medical tyranny cut down emissions

TNC: '“2020 was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic coinciding with a decrease in emissions,” said the Executive Summary of the department’s National Inventory Report 1990-2020.

'According to the report, national emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse-causing gases fell by 9% from 738 million tonnes to 672 million tonnes. The Trudeau government has set a climate target of 519 million tonnes. Only two provinces saw an increase in emissions – Alberta (up 8%) and Manitoba (up 6%).

'In response, Guilbeault described the drop in emissions as an achievement for Canadians.'

This is a telling response. The state has stunted a generation of kids; imprisoned people in their own homes; barred citizens who refused an ineffective and dangerous gene therapy from basic services that they pay for in the first place via their tax dollars; crushed small businesses while propping up cartels (the supermajority of which have close ties with the ruling regime in Ottawa); exacerbated mental illness and drug addiction; spiked suicide rates; and persecuted peaceful dissenters. Now they point to these efforts as a success -- in cutting down emissions.

First off, Canada contributes less than 2% to global carbon emissions. Secondly, those emissions are netted to zero by our forests' absorption. Doesn't matter for mentally defective totalitarians like Guilbeault or the Gerald-Butt-class of corrupt anti-Western zealots. They will now use the tyrannical overreach beta-tested over the last two years in the near future to fight the phantasmal bogeyman of 'climate change'.

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