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Elon Musk Presents Tesla’s new Humanoid Robot Optimus, about to go into production

S: 'Elon Musk officially unveiled the Tesla Optimus robot a few days after the automaker opened yet another new Tesla Gigafactory. According to Musk, the humanoid robot, which resembles a human in size, shape and movement, should take on tasks that are too dangerous or too boring for humans. During the presentation, Musk called the robot “a more important invention than the car.”

'“He will turn our idea of ​​the economy upside down. Basically, Optimus will be able to do anything humans don’t want to do. Optimus will bring an age of plenty. It might be hard to imagine, but when you see how Optimus evolves, it’s going to change the world even more than cars did.” According to him, the use in production, where boring, constantly repetitive tasks arise, is conceivable.'

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