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Editorial: Jason Kenney should tell the Feds to get stuffed, bar RCMP from Alberta, protect rights

The Liberal regime is out of line. Trudeau and his Schwab-anointed deputy PM are being abetted by two fully irresponsible and feckless parties, antipathetic to the majority of working and middle class Canadians. Those parties: the NDP and the Liberals; indistinguishable packs of petty statists, both dead set on further dehumanizing and persecuting their critics.

This is no time for Chamberlains, but for Churchills. Who will rise up for Canadians?

Jason Kenney?

Premier Kenney represents a province long maligned by the Laurentian elite, by detached cosmopolitans, by Quebec, by foreign interests, and by the Trudeaus. The Federal regime is running roughshod over Albertan rights, Canadians rights--over their mobility rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and so forth.

By denying the RCMP access to the province and rejecting the petite dictators' decrees, he will protect Canadians' rights and send a sign to Ottawa: total power cannot be centralized and wielded by a person who hasn't the consent of the governed.

Years ago, there was the Alberta Firewall. Now we must have the Alberta Bulwark.

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