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Ecoterrorism: Piikani Nation cutting off water supply to farmers amid food crisis

Global News: 'Bischler farms in a part of Southern Alberta that doesn’t get a lot of rain. Agriculture operations supporting more than 200,000 acres of land and 750,000 head of cattle rely on irrigation supplied by the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. The water is diverted from the Old Man River through a canal gate on the Piikani Nation Reserve.

'On April 12, the Piikani Nation leadership ordered that gate be closed.

'“The river is very important to the Piikani Nation,” Piikani Nation Councilor, Riel Houle said. “We understand the downstream impacts of farmers and other people who need access to the water but (we also) get very protective of our river. It’s sacred to us.”'

If the Feds had balls, they'd cite national security concerns and yeet the Piikanis.

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