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Eco-terrorist group claims responsibility after tires of over 30 SUVs slashed in Kitchener, Ontario

CTV News: 'A group claiming to be environmental activists is taking responsibility after the tires of dozens of SUVs were flattened overnight in Kitchener, Ont. Waterloo regional police say they’ve received more than 30 reports of property damage to SUVs parked in driveways in the Glasgow Heights and Stanley Park areas of Kitchener. Police say the suspects left notes on windshields stating: “Your gas guzzler kills.” ...

'...In an email to CTV News, a group who identifies themselves as “Tyre Extinguishers” claims they flattened the tires of 60 SUVs in multiple locations across Waterloo region.'

Yesteryear, if a man stole your horse, the penalty was death. Today, if a man robs you of your mobility, the penalty should at least be a sound state-administered beating.

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