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Dynamiting the mountains to fill the valleys

American Greatness: "In most definitions of cultural imperialism, there is the suggestion that the culture promoted or enforced derives from a dominant nation or source; and that the population targeted is weaker. In the case of the Left’s culture, it is the least of all: a bastard spawn from the French Revolution at war with the good and with the truth, and constantly at war with itself; a Luciferian catch-all for the rotten ideas of murderers, eugenicists, blood-soused utopians, and madmen. Why it spreads and why it catches is important to touch upon. Notice the trend: the left, guilty of that for which they demand rectification and or sick of that for which they demand remedy, uses the resulting action as a bludgeon against their foes. They castigate those who fail to play by the rules they themselves have discarded; or obey the traditions they themselves think outmoded; or follow the laws they ignore."

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