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DoD Advisory Panel all but admit they want to ban Catholic chaplains from Canadian Armed Forces

TNC: 'A chaplain is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) – as well as a member of a clergy – who provides CAF members with spiritual and personal guidance within the tradition of their own faiths.

'The report excludes precise definitions for what constitutes acceptable religious leaders beyond vague rejections of “gender discrimination, anti-Indigenous discrimination, and racialized discrimination.”

'Although the report claims that it does not seek to “evaluate or categorize” religions it deems problematic, it names Christianity specifically, saying that “Christian religious leaders” are responsible for indigenous residential school programs.

'“The Advisory Panel has observed that there are varying degrees of misogyny, sexism and discrimination woven into the philosophies and beliefs of some mainstream religions currently represented in the cadre of chaplains in the CAF,” the report reads. “This Advisory Panel does not seek to evaluate or categorize these religions in this report.”'

Mentally-defective bigots with a poor grasp of history don't want Catholic chaplains in the military (i.e. in a country where ~40% of Canadians are Catholic). Why? First, faithful Catholics don't support trans, gay, & identitarian nonsense. Second, the feds are allergic to the Truth.

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