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Ditching college: Outside of STEM, why waste time & money on indoctrination by mental defectives?

American Greatness: 'Most universities are just not properly preparing young people for the job market. In Harvard Business Review, tech guru Michael Hansen writes that a recent poll of Americans who graduated from a community or four-year college in the past five years showed that 19 percent reported that “their college education experience did not provide them with the skills needed to perform their first post-degree job. Additionally, more than half (53%) of these college graduates have not applied to an entry-level job in their field because they felt unqualified, and . . . 42% felt unqualified because they did not have all the skills listed in the job description.”

'Many students don’t even get to the point where they get to feel unqualified, because they never graduate. Research reveals that the six-year completion rate for any degree or certificate is currently 62.2 percent. This means that more than three in eight college students drop out with no credential whatsoever. Per Fordham Institute’s Mike Petrilli, “To put it succinctly, many young people don’t do well in college because they aren’t very good students in an academic setting, they haven’t done very well in school, and they don’t like it all that much.”

'With these troubling numbers in mind, parents want something different for their kids. A Gallup poll from April 2021 shows that 45 percent of parents of current students wish more postsecondary options were available. In fact, there are several...'

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