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Time to get real: Defund the CBC & redistribute the $1.2Bn+ saved yearly to veterans and the CAF

What does a yearly $1.2 Billion federal grant get you when absorbed by a state broadcaster whose output sees engagement with less than 3% of the population?

It gets you a handful of overpaid, pernicious boomers (the majority of whom have at least one residence with a K- postal code) and a murder of mentally defective millennials fresh out of our nation's over-subsidized, leftist indoctrination centers. Together, these malcontents peddle revisionist histories about this nation's glorious past and lecture Canadians about nonexistent racism, the acceptability of degenerate lifestyles, the supposed evilness of normalcy, the danger of working class political engagement, and the benefits of Big Pharma's latest experimental gene therapy. This year, these buzzards will garner an additional $21M.

In the way of rackets, the CBC is the most shameful and long-lived in Canada's history.

Rather than waste money on the champagne-socialists' amplifier, let's make sure our military is up to snuff and that our veterans are taken care of.

While it is not a zero-sum game (i.e. you can fund the military without defunding, say, healthcare), the CBC—a monster resultant of the Massey Commission's failed efforts to protect Canadian culture and to get citizens the information they might need, coast-to-coast-to-coast—nowadays serves only the Laurentian elite, the Liberal / NDP regime, grievance industry hacks, and woke capital (not all mutually exclusive), so why not stone two birds at once?

The CBC, whose brazenness and fallaciousness would make the most conceited Soviet apparatchiks or even Goebbels blush, misinforms the polity; buttresses the corrupt; is staffed by the mentally ill-equipped; is ideologically possessed; and is ethically compromised on every level. It doesn't even attempt to hide its partisanship, going so far as to sue the Conservatives while running smokescreens for Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau's underhanded dealings. SNC what? We Charity who?

Beyond being a waste of taxpayer money at a time when the debt thrown on the provincial and federal balance sheets is compounding to lunatic levels (guaranteed to be the ruin of extant or future generations or both), the CBC is antipathetic to the very people it is meant to support and help.

Made abundantly clear for years, but especially over the past few months (i.e. during its coverage of the peaceful Freedom Convoy), the CBC embodies the downtown Ottawan elite's loathing for the Canadian working class. What's more: the CBC is trenchantly anti-Christian, anti-normalcy, anti-family, anti-Western, anti-free-market, anti-competition, and bolsters a detached cosmopolitan's distaste for both nation and place. With Internet connections now ubiquitous, there's no need for a state broadcaster. Every Canadian can obtain the news they want. 97% of Canadians clearly choose sources other than the CBC every day.

We should, therefore, divert the $1.2Bn+ virtually anywhere else.

If forced to redeploy the funds to another cause, the Trudeau Liberal regime and the NDP, now one and the same, would likely use it to help abort more African babies or disseminate more gay propaganda (i.e. election interference efforts) abroad or to caltrop Western energy or to reward more corrupt Quebec companies for their support, etc.

Fortunately, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has proven revelatory and Canada wanting. The same truth the neoliberal establishment hated Trump for speaking aloud has recently been underscored: we are far from meeting our NATO commitments. Additionally, our military is in poor shape. Related and making matters worse, recruitment is piss-poor. This to say: the CAF is a target virtually all will have to agree on as deserving of an annual top-up.

Consider the gaps in our military, not just infrastructural, but in terms of necessary equipment.

Let's buy or make some corvettes (and get some Maritimers working in the process). Let's get subs that work or helicopters that don't kill our seamen. Let's get jets that weren't made early in the Cold War or pistols for our boys that aren't over a century old.

Russia and Communist China's aggression have made clear that the wishy-washy internationalist / post-borders fantasy Trudeau and his ilk live in is just that: a phantasmal conceit easily disturbed by the thingy-ness of reality and shown to be vaporous by people who still live in the world of guns, borders, violence, and realpolitik.

We don't need more BIPOC gender-fluid bloggers straight out of McGill or Ryerson telling us about how oppressive manspreading on the subway is. We don't need more bigots defending church burnings or cognitively obese Quebecers mashing their gums to whatever rhythm Ottawa has set for them. We need a military that can hold its own. Otherwise, we won't have a nation for long. And even if we do (despite the fact that our prime minister says we're post-national), when comes the Sino-American War, we won't be a player but a play piece.

As soon as things got real in Ukraine, the men in dresses realized they had to stay and fight. Why? Reality, to Philip K. Dick's point, "is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” Now is a time of crisis. We are in what Strauss and Howe termed a "Fourth Turning". This is no time for make-believe; no time for decadence, postmodern clownery, drag queen story time or billions wasted on leftist lunacy. Things are fast getting real, and it's important that we invest in that which will really benefit Canada and Canadians.

It's time to divest from the Liberal regime's cosmopolitan kabuki theater and reinvest in our future.

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