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Culture of death: Rich, epicurean nations headed for population collapse

Bloomberg: 'Perhaps the one thing that unites countries with low TFR is that they tend to be wealthy, even if wealthy countries don’t necessarily have below-replacement levels. Although Japan frets about how rich it truly is, it’s still a very wealthy nation in per-capita GDP terms. Many are surprised to learn that the US has a persistently low fertility rate of just 1.66. A Japanese saying describes a problem that is someone else’s issue as a “fire on the other side of the river.” When it comes to population, Japan’s struggles are anything but.'

The torchbearers of Civilization are no longer having kids. It's a big problem. The enviromarxists may celebrate, but the fact is: there will be plenty of people. They just won't be proponents of freedom, tolerance, and Truth.

Want to save the West? Have kids, go to church, practice at the shooting range, know your history inside and out, & vote.

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