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Critical race theory is a real problem in Canada: Jamil Jivani in the National Post

MLI: 'The phrase “almost effortlessly” is key to understanding CRT’s central premise that racism lives inside our laws and policies independently of our intentions. In the Capital University Law Review, Bell wrote that “racism is an integral, permanent, and indestructible component of this society.” He concluded that “Black people will never gain full equality in this country.”

'Needless to say, CRT doesn’t think highly of countries like Canada. The ideology demands radical, destabilizing change to our institutions. And CRT disempowers people of colour by defining us as perennial victims.'

CRT is identitarian, neo-Marxist dogshit.

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 09, 2023

There is no concept of race in the code of ethics and why did he even said that "black people will never gain full equality in this country" we are all equal in mankind.

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