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Cowardly savage Abdiljibar Mahamoud gets life in prison for beheading woman in front of her kids

Toronto Sun: 'On his way over to her basement apartment in Mississauga, Abdiljibar Mahamoud bought a knife at Square One and then in front of their two small sons, he decapitated their mother and placed her head on her chest. He eviscerated her bowels.

'And then he photographed his barbaric brutality with his cellphone and practically bragged about it by uploading it to his Linkedin account with the caption, “Can’t talk about my ops (opponents). They dead.”

'As relatives wiped away tears, an emotional Superior Court Justice Bruce Durno accepted a joint submission and sentenced Mahamoud, 29, to an automatic life term with no eligibility for parole for 18 years, calling the femicide “savage cruelty.”'

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