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COVID didn't kill young people. Our politicians did: Lockdowns drove youths to suicide & overdoses.

Calgary Herald: '“Although older adults are more likely to die of COVID-19, there was massive increase in non-COVID-19 related mortality among the youth. These should be factored in public policy decisions on epidemic/pandemic management.”

'The abstract was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases and written by five Alberta Health Services officials.

'AHS did not provide an interview with an official involved with the study in response to a Postmedia request.

'In addition to the excess deaths linked to COVID-19, the study found there were 731 excess drug poisoning deaths during the period, representing about 18 per cent of the excess deaths.

'That leaves 28 per cent of excess deaths which the study suggested are likely due to “other factors such as limited access to urgent medical care.”'

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