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Cosmetic butt butcher sentenced to six years in death of client, injuries to seven others

Toronto Sun: 'Chanel Steben was addicted to cosmetic procedures and nurse Anna Yakubovsky-Rositsan was her pusher. But while Steben thought she was in good hands, the unqualified practitioner was really injecting her buttocks with mineral oil and silicone she’d bought on the black market.

'Yakubovsky-Rositsan, though, wasn’t really using any of those fillers — she was using ingredients you would find in a hardware store and charging about $4,000 for two bottles of what she falsely claimed was PMMA.

'In addition to the tragic death of Steben, the list of injuries is long and disturbing: One woman was left with bumps, lumps and hard spots of different sizes on her buttocks but was told by Yakubovsky-Rositsan to stop complaining. “I’ve paid you thousands of dollars and my ass has something in it hard as a fucking rock and it’s painful,” the client replied in a text message. “I trusted u Anna and now u want to be rude to me?”'

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