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Cops, protesters find harmony at Toronto truckers protest

Toronto Sun: "“I’m thankful that the protest has been largely peaceful through this afternoon and has been kept away from our downtown hospitals,” Mayor John Tory said Saturday. “I want to thank all residents, businesses health care institutions and emergency services for their ongoing patience dealing with the traffic and noise disruptions created by this protest.”

"What he didn’t do is inflame the situation like Ottawa’s mayor, Jim Watson, and police chief Peter Sloly did with the capital’s “surge and contain” strategy to combat “violence” no one saw and using that exaggeration to lobby GoFundMe to cancel a $10-million crowd-funded account....

"...After thousands peacefully protesting at Queen’s Park made their way north, what ensued there was a boisterous street party with plenty of horn-honking and spontaneous renditions of O Canada instead of a riot."

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