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Conservatives bring home the bacon (and make Trudeau look out of touch)

National Post: "The Conservative leader prodded the prime minister on the topic of inflation but it was a bit like watching a man being attacked by a sheep. Snapping and snarling is not his forte. Fortunately for him, he has people on his front-bench much better suited to getting under the prime minister’s skin. This was the weekly Trudeau Show when the prime minister takes all the questions, while his back-bench members sign Christmas cards and senior ministers play Patience on their smart phones. (To the member for St. Catharines and the minister for Veteran’s Affairs, we see you).

"The Conservatives’ deputy leader, Candice Bergen, is much better suited than O’Toole to unsettling Trudeau, and she did so by asking him about the last time he filled up a truck with gas or went to the grocery store. “Does he know what a loaf of bread costs, or a can of beans?”"

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