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Conrad Black: Trudeau's wretched smear-job of truckers highlights sorry state of Canadian leadership

National Post: '...Instead of dealing with these truckers and the issues that propelled them across the country in a serious way, the prime minister attacked them en route as a “small fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views.” There is no justification for any of this and polls show the truckers represent approximately as many Canadians as the number who voted for this government in September. The government propaganda machine followed with a smear job highlighting Nazi and racist imagery, though there is very little of that, and a Confederate flag-waver was led away by the truckers.

'Former governor of the banks of Canada and England and apparent Liberal office-seeker Mark Carney denounced the protesters in the Globe and Mail, accusing them of “sedition” and “insurrection,” and announced that their goal is “undermining our democracy and the rule of law.” In fact, they are just trying to avoid two weeks of quarantine when crossing the border, not overthrow the government. Taking on the august airs of a central banker, he wrote: “I know from experience that crises don’t end by themselves. You can’t spin your way out of failure.” That is particularly apposite coming from someone who was a total failure as the governor of the Bank of England when he became a mindless parrot of the Cameron government in claiming that Britain would be devastated if it approved Brexit, and when he tried to turn the bank into an authoritarian enforcer of a green ecological despotism, a public policy area that is no business of a central bank and where his views are moonshine...

'...No closing of the U.S. border, as truckers are now doing at three crossings, for more than 30 minutes is tolerable, and neither is impassable congestion on the Trans-Canada or other major highways. The truckers can win this confrontation by exposing Trudeau’s pompous posturing and his slander of the truckers as a fraud. But they can’t win by trying to intimidate the government and by so inconveniencing the public that they demand the government make concessions to end the truckers’ protests. In that scenario, the public will demand that the truckers go home; not that the government cave to all their demands. The government, incompetent and largely contemptible though it is, is the elected and legitimate government. The truckers are right to rail against authoritarian mandates, but they should remember that they have no mandate from anyone to do anything, and their hold on public support is tenuous. '

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